Fall in love with your smile with thanks to Award Winning Brand Beverly Hills Formula.

Established in Ireland in 1992, Beverly Hills Formula have become widely known as the experts in teeth whitening and oral care, thanks to their continued dedication to researching the most innovative and safe methods to whiten teeth at home. There has been no oral care brand as revolutionary or cutting edge as Beverly Hills Formula, who have dedicated the past twenty years to researching the very best in safe and effective teeth whitening.

Now synonymous with being the very best in at-home teeth whitening, the brand has seen as huge growth and demand for their products and have enjoyed continuous success since the launch of its first range in 1993.

Noticing a huge demand for safe, effective at-home teeth whitening, the brand set about creating products that would allow people to achieve professional results in the comfort of their own home – something which had not been seen before. At home whitening products tended to be extremely damaging to teeth and gums, so the brand set about creating a solution to this. From there, their first product – Total Protection Whitening was born. This formed part of the Natural White Range which enjoyed continued success for well over twenty years.

The brand has come a long way since then, but its core values remain the same:  Safe, effective and purse friendly oral care products. Beverly Hills Formula products are guaranteed to work after just one use. Not only that, they are non-abrasive and remove up to 90% of surface stains – it is no wonder they have become a world-wide success!

More recently, the brand invested a huge amount of time and resources to bring two of the most cutting edge ranges the oral care industry had ever seen. Leading scientific advancements combined of years of research culminated two new ranges – The Perfect White Range, launched in 2012 and the highly anticipated Professional White Range which hit shelves in 2017.

The Perfect White Range shot to fame with the introduction of Perfect White Black. The brand was the first to bring activated charcoal to the market – known for its love of tannins and the ideal ingredient to add to teeth whitening products. First to market with the secret weapon of Activated Charcoal, which has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective teeth whitening ingredients available today. Perfect White Black works to whiten teeth, remove surface and deep stains and helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes nasty bad breath.

Perfect White Black Mouthwash followed on from this, along with Perfect White Black Sensitive - Containing Hydroxyapatite, known for re-mineralization and repairing the enamel, Perfect White Black Sensitive gives an amazing deep clean, epic stain removal and incomparable protection for sensitive teeth.

Also, in this innovative range is Perfect White Gold – a whitening toothpaste which contains real gold particles. Gold is known for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with Beverly Hills Formula’s non-abrasive stain removal power, this has become one of the most popular ranges for the brand.

Naturally, the brand was keen to utilise their extensive knowledge and bring to the market two new ground-breaking products – designed to remove stains, whiten and care for your teeth & gums at the highest level.

Perfect White Optic Blue Whitening Toothpaste contains innovative Blue Filter Technology, guaranteeing a whiter brighter smile after each use. The Blue Filter technology forms a special layer over teeth during brushing to reflect the light which creates an optical whitening effect after each use, making visible results immediate with this advanced technology. The time-tested formulation containing Advanced Hydrated Silicas and Pyrophosphates also provides effective stain removal, and the 1400 ppmF Sodium Fluoride protects your enamel at the same time, for strong and healthy teeth.

Along with Optic Blue is the introduction of Perfect White Gold Mouthwash, a luxurious, shake to activate formula containing real gold particles. Acknowledged for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and blood flow regulating properties, this luxurious mouthwash eliminates bad breath and provides a long-lasting freshness. Pyrophosphates help to remove surface and deep stains for a brighter and whiter smile, always. Scientifically formulated to combat bad breath, this innovative mouthwash is made from cruelty-free ingredients and does not contain parabens.

Joining the Perfect White Range was the Professional White Range, which has been steadily making waves across the globe since it’s launch. Dental experts across the globe have welcomed this range, noting it’s exceptional whitening and cleaning abilities.

The range consists of The Professional White Range Black Pearl Whitening Toothpaste, Pink Pearl Sensitive Toothpaste, the award-winning Precious Pearl Enamel remineralising toothpaste and Fresh Pearl Mouthwash. Their Precious Pearl Enamel remineralising toothpaste scooped the award for Best New Oral Beauty Product at the 2017 Pure Beauty Awards. The range has been scientifically formulated with Hydroxyapatite which has been proven to form new protective layers, giving teeth a smoother and brighter appearance by repairing micro-lesions and strengthening the enamel in teeth.

Along with this highly sought-after range, the brand also launched their first Professional White Kit, which includes teeth whitening strips and a handy on the go whitening pen. The company sought to introduce a whitening kit to the market that not only offers exceptional teeth whitening, but one that is also safe to use and won’t damage teeth. The kit was over two years in development. The main ingredient is PAP – Phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic Acid, a non-peroxide teeth whitening ingredient which effectively breaks down discolorations on the teeth, without harming the enamel of gums.

Beverly Hills Formula has found the formula that works – safe, effective products, a dedicated customer service team and a commitment to always finding the most cutting-edge teeth whitening methods.

So what are you waiting for? Your whiter, brighter smile awaits!


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